Worship Building Energy Assessments

church enegy assessment

Your place of worship is not just a building made of brick and mortar.  Rather, it’s a place where a community is brought together to pray, share knowledge, and build spiritual relationships.  High heating, cooling and lighting costs should not interfere with these important attributes.  Yet in too many cases, money spent to pay for expensive utilities prevents funds from being allocated to more worthy and lasting causes.

Goals2Green specializes in significantly reducing the utility costs for churches and other buildings.  This leads to the additional benefit of reducing a building’s carbon footprint, which community members appreciate as a step towards living more sustainably.  Let us help you achieve your goals.

ASHRAE Level 1 Analysis

Goals2Green provides an ASHRAE level 1 analysis for worship buildings. Through this analysis, we Identify low-cost/no-cost changes to the facility and determine the resulting savings. In addition, Goals2Green will show your congregation opportunities that require capital investments and estimate their payback. 

As an additional service, we can work with your Green Team to improve the overall sustainability of your congregation. Goals2Green can also perform a life cycle cost-benefit analysis of energy investment decisions based on congregation specific variables.