Government and Utility Rebates

Did you know the federal government offers up to a $500 tax credit for making energy efficiency improvements?  Additionally, many states and utilities offer significant rebates for equipment that improves efficiency. 

It's not always practical to clip coupons for items that cost a few dollars, but when there are rebates of $200 or $500 for a single piece of equipment, it makes much more sense to take advantage of these offers.  Goals2Green takes all of the rebate opportunities into consideration when advising clients, ensuring that you get the highest return on your efficiency investment.  

$500 Federal Tax Credit

The federal tax credit is worth 30% of the materials and equipment cost for the following:
water heaters, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, central air conditioners, building insulation, windows, doors, roofs, and circulating fans used in a qualifying furnace
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Utility Rebates

Through their demand side management programs, utilities offer cash rebates for installing more energy efficient appliances.  As an example, below is a list of residential rebates offered by a natural gas provider serving the Indianapolis area:

Citizens Gas:
Boiler: $500
Furnace: $200
Tankless water heater: $150
Traditional tank water heater: $100
Programmable thermostat: $20

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