Energy is a Cost of Operations

Do you know how much energy it costs your business to earn $100 of revenue?  You might be surprised to learn how large of a bite energy takes out of profits.  Goals2Green will help your organization bring energy costs under control by identifying and prioritizing specific improvements that have fast paybacks. 

Almost every building has energy efficiency opportunities, and our expert assessments are a great way to start your business toward operational savings.  Whichever method your organization uses for financial decision-making, Goals2Green can help you make smart energy investment choices. 

We help businesses of all size improve their efficiency so that profits grow.  Call or email us for more information…we’re happy to discuss your organization’s specific circumstances.

commercial energy assessment

ASHRAE Level 1 Analysis

Goals2Green provides an ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Level 1 Analysis for commercial buildings.  Through this analysis, we Identify low-cost/no-cost changes to the facility and determine the resulting savings.  In addition, we will show your business opportunities that require capital investments and estimate their payback. 

ASHRAE Level 2 Analysis

From companies that want a more detailed analysis of energy saving opportunities, there is the Level 2 Analysis that Goals2Green can provide. This includes reviewing mechanical and electrical system design and using dataloggers to track equipment on time. Our report will provide with more improvement opportunities than the ASHRAE Level 1 analysis.

Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning

One of the best investments companies with large buildings can make is in commissioning. Often times building automation schedules do not match the operations of companies. Correcting the schedule often requires very little investment. In addition, commissioning will help your company find dysfunctional equipment which maybe be wasting energy or not doing its intended job.